Csaba Bereczki

President and CTO

Csaba established BondR in October 2005. During his 15 years of experience in the software industry, he has successfully driven and participated in numerous large scale software development projects. First a software developer and now a successful entrepreneur, Csaba is a true seasoned professional who is driven, experienced and reliable.

Time and time again, Csaba continually demonstrates his unique ability to thoroughly understand client needs and deliver effective solutions. Driven by his passion and relentless dedication to delivering excellent results, Csaba Bereczki is a natural leader and inspires the BondR team.

Jim Theobalds

Director, Business Development

With extensive experience in sales and business development, Jim boasts an extended history of making a significant impact and large scale changes for numerous companies. Equipped with tremendous sales and interpersonal skills, Jim truly has an assertive "hunter" mentality that drives company growth. A true believer in NetWeaving, Jim believes in relationship building for the long term. Jim Theobalds works relentlessly to meet client needs with tailored solutions.

Diana Kwok

Director, Marketing

Diana, a recent addition to the BondR team, is in charge of all marketing initiatives and works collaboratively with other business units to manage both online and offline activities for the BondR brand. Under her leadership as the Director of Marketing, the BondR team can deliver outstanding results that exceed client expectations as she is a natural creative thinker and will stop at nothing to drive every marketing project to successful completion.

Andrew Zicher

Director, Software Development

Andrew has an excellent track record of delivering quality solutions. With extensive experience in working within a wide array of business applications, Andrew is a true expert in developing applications and designing effective solutions. Beyond his technical skills, this highly experienced professional developer is also a great communicator who enjoys working with clients directly to ensure quality solutions are delivered to each valued client. Having previously worked as a senior software developer for companies like Green Shield Canada, Travelers Insurance, Bell Canada, and MCC, Andrew Zicher now brings his experience and irreplaceable skills to BondR.