Our experience with a wide array of clients from various different industries allows the BondR team to develop software that is beneficial to any industry. Our seasoned team of professional developers can help your business develop new software based on your own unique ideas as well as fix or extend old legacy software.

The industries in which we have the most experience are:


We help a broad range of organizations-that manage money- manage their technology and software. The BondR team will thoroughly analyze your business concerns and suggest a suitable strategy based on our experience with developing software solutions for many other finance organizations.


Automation of internal processes, real-time updates of information and effective communication are essential in the healthcare industry. We have a great deal of experience in understanding and solving business problems facing clients in the healthcare and e-Health industry.


With increased demand for telecommunication services, telecom service providers are faced with the challenge of consistently introducing new innovative products and services, while maintaining fair prices. These challenges have driven the demand for software services within the telecom sector. At BondR, we offer an extensive portfolio of software services to help telecommunication service providers with their unique challenges.


Retailers face the unique challenge of having to respond rapidly to customer behaviour, market and environmental changes, as well as competitor actions. Our BI solutions help retailers effectively manage data and derive actionable insights from data so that they can ultimately increase profit through improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, and a better understanding of their customers.


Strict regulations, big data management and cost-cutting requirements are simply a few of the complex challenges that pharmaceutical companies face. At BondR, we understand the demanding nature of this particular industry due to our considerable experience with clients in the pharmaceutical industry.


The utilities sector is not like it used to be. The sector is rapidly changing and many companies face complex problems during these phases of rapid change. The BondR team is equipped to help companies in the utilities sector identify and manage any complex issues that may arise.

Media and Information/ Digital Publishing

As digital publishing becomes increasingly popular, traditional publishing companies must adapt to consumer demands and needs. The experienced team at BondR can help publishing companies close the technology gap by providing software solutions tailored to your specific needs.
We also specialize in content management. As businesses are increasingly inundated with information and data, it becomes imperative that businesses effectively manage data and content. Effective content management will enable businesses to be efficient in their operations and benefit from cost savings.