Agile Transformation and Due Diligence 2.0 Project

"Thomson Reuters has great respect for the skills of the BondR team. BondR’s delivery of the Due Diligence 2.0 project is one of our 2013-2014 success stories. When presented with this fairly complex business problem, the BondR team demonstrated a great depth of expertise by delivering a successful project from inception to deployment using Agile/Scrum methodologies. The BondR team were experts in Agile transformation. They met all of our objectives, as we wished to do the following:
  • Introduce Agile into our organization
  • Deliver the pilot project on time and on budget
They were easy to work with and kept me informed of their progress and status throughout the entire project. The fact that one of their main goals is to provide clients with a high level of transparency impressed me. The consistent communication and level of transparency enhanced the project’s effectiveness and helped overcome common project management challenges. It’s safe to say that we are quickly realizing the invaluable advantages achieved by following this new Agile iterative process. Impressed with the outcome of this project, I really look forward to working with BondR on future projects!

Lawrence Whitfield, Director, Technology, Thomson Reuters